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Expository at the Libyan Camp with women and children suffering day by day

See what women and children (African's) are passing through at the Libyan Camp.

Rarduja bringing to you the latest condition of African's in Dubai

Current conditions of Africann's living in Dubai

Comrade Eddy Duru welcome speech

This speech was given on video by Comrade Eddy Duru, on 29th on June 2016 at the RARDUJA School Zonal Seminar, held in Aba, Abia State

Modern slave trade

Go to the embassy for your visa. Be careful when u are promised a job abroad. You might be a victim of human trafficking

Drowning on the sea

Why do we (Africans) put our lives at such great risk. Lets believe GOD rather than the economy of Europe and America.

Honourable Eddy Duru presenting his project in Dortmund

Nigerians trying to travel abroad via Desert