Africans unite against Libya ‘slavery’

Africans unite against Libya ‘slavery’

RARDUJA | Media – 27th November, 2017

Quite a shocking revelation by CNN the other day about modern-day slavery in Libya. The video it published appeared to show African migrants sold as slaves in the country which is what my organization has been trying to prevent for years now – Hon. Eddy Duru, the founder / President of RARDUJA International says.

As you know several thousands of Africans have been embarking on the dangerous journey across the Mediteranean Sea to reach Europe and for them to do that they had to pass through Libya. It’s actually the main gateway to Europe. So most of them sought help from human smugglers whom they would pay to continue with their journey. Unfortunately for some who got stuck with no money to pay the traffickers, they were taken as slaves and sold for farm work.

I won’t even go through what slavery entails but the fact that this is happening in the 21st century and to make it worse it’s happening in an African country to fellow Africans!

Our forefathers went through slavery and that does not mean that it’s in the African culture to be slaves. Not even in the human culture. Slavery is illegal. Am not the only one outraged by this but many have come out to condemn Libya of this including world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron – Hon. Eddy Duru, the founder / President of RARDUJA International says.

In the DRC for example, Lexxus Legal who’s an artist also added his voice to the outcry on abuse of these African migrants. He is calling out on African leaders whom according to him have not acted to stop the migration.

This is what he says:

“Since independence in the 60’s up until today, young Africans prefer risking drowning and going through terrible conditions and go to countries that can ruin their lives in order to escape the terrible conditions they live in, we should all be concerned by what’s going in our countries. Our leader should feel ashamed by what’s happening. We held rallies in Paris but we should be holding rallies here too. “

Despite the drowning of several migrants in the Meditarranean Sea, many have continued to risk their lives just in search of what they think are greener pastures in Europe. One Gheti Messi is among the many Africans who have thought of embarking on the dangerous journey. This is what he says.

“I desperately wanted to leave Congo, to go somewhere else and I wanted to go and live in Europe. because life is difficult here. But travelling abroad was also complicated, so I had a cousin was in Libya who told my parents that I could go to France via Libya. I left Kinshasa to go to Libya, but I only stayed 6 months, I could not go on and came back to Congo.”

All eyes are still on Libya as it has launched investigations into the slavery markets as RARDUJA International tries to get to the bottom of this and RARDUJA Media will give you first hand of all the outcome so stay tune.

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