RARDUJA Youth Empowerment Scheme has a solid foundation of theory, at both process and outcomes levels. The process – or empowering level – provides opportunities for youth to develop skills and become problem solvers and decision makers. The outcomes – or the empowered level – refers to the result of the empowerment process, including the consequences of attempts to gain control in the community and the effects of interventions designed to empower participants.
RARDUJA theory of youth empowerment can be broken down even further into three components: individual
empowerment, organizational empowerment, and community empowerment.
Individual Empowerment: youth or adults developing skills to exert control and improve competence,
as well as developing critical awareness to effectively collaborate for the betterment of organizations and
Organizational Empowerment: entities that provide, and benefit from, the opportunity for youth or
adults to acquire the skills needed to gain control over their lives, provide alternatives to service provision, as well as entities that develop and influence policy decisions.
Community Empowerment: efforts to improve the community, respond to threats to quality of life, and
provide for citizen participation at the local, state, and national level.
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See the areas of  Empowerment:
  1. Dress Making/Fashion Design
  2. Catering
  3. Hair Dressing
  4. Barbing Salon
  5. Welding
  6. Business Center
  7. Poultry Farming
  8. Electrical Installation Training
  9. Solar Panel Installation Training 
  10. Motor Mechanic
  11. Computer Training
  12. Small scale business


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In an environment were youths are carrying a lot of problems on their shoulders and backed with a lot of heaviness in their hearts making them confused in life, allowing their minds to create unplanned directions.



Young people standing in the center of different directions and many root to survive in life but without proper knowledge and understanding of which direction to take and how to start.



RARDUJA is now here to redirect young people in African to be focus, ambitious, dedicated and vision seekers with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, educating and re-educating, and also make them to pursue their dreams.


RARDUJA is here to empower every African youth with the right platform and for them to actualize their dreams by unveiling their SKILLS, and also helping them build it up to the TOP.