RARDUJA Warns Nigeria Against Illegal Migration

RARDUJA Warns Nigeria Against Illegal Migration

The President and Founder of RARDUJA International, Hon. Eddy Duru, has called on Nigerians and other Africans to avoid the perilous bid to migrate to Europe illegally in the new -year.

RARDUJA International is a non-governmental organisation re-educating Africans on the Risks & Dangers of Unplanned Journey Abroad and Empowering the Youth.

In his new year remarks, he noted that thousands of Africans, especially Nigeria’s lost their lives in 2017, a lot got enslaved & some others got their organs removed and sold.

He added that twenty-seven thousand Nigerians seeking greener pasture abroad died in their quest to reach Europe through the desert and sea in 2016.

Duru revealed that he will be in Kogi State University in February 2018 with his team to continue with the campaign of re-educating Africans on the risks and dangers of unplanned journey abroad.

“RARDUJA Plans to reach out at least a million Nigerian youths with her re-education campaign this year. We were in several schools & Churches in Lagos State, Abuja, Edo State, Abia State, Rivers State & Imo States of Nigeria in the last few years, “he said.

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